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Hi lovelies,

First let me start by saying I am thrilled to have you visiting Bayt Alya.

This journey has been a blast so far and I can’t wait to see what it turns into. At first, this whole ‘thing’ was just a fleeting thought, which became more and more recurring in the everyday motions of my life. You see, by day I work in the healthcare industry focusing on business process optimization. Every day I am tasked to think about how to make things more efficient, but each day as I watched the news about the Middle East I couldn’t seem to find a way to make those complexities more efficient. Bayt Alya is my way of trying to contribute.

I was born in the United States in Virginia to a Jordanian father and a French-Italian mother (whoa right? It gets better…). At the age of 11 I moved with my family to Dubai, UAE where I completed middle school and high school. I moved back to the US, to Washington, DC where I completed my Bachelors and Masters after which I moved to Singapore to begin my life as a working professional.  Singapore is where 2 important chapters started; (1) meeting my husband (2) registering my company Bayt Alya. Where is home you ask? Where am I from? Haha good question! 

I have always identified with being an Arab-American as those two worlds tug at my heart the strongest. But they tug in completely different directions… constantly.

Whether in the United States, Dubai, Singapore, or Jordan I always had to adjust my wardrobe to fit to the cultural/social/family norm. Long baggy dresses for Jordan… shorts and tang tops for Singapore… tight dress and jacket for the US… jeans and heels for Dubai….Not only did this make it difficult to pack, but made me question myself!

Despite the disaster in my closet, one pattern always seemed to find its way in there.  Geometric shapes, floral patterns and sharp accents of color… a similarity to the traditional Jordanian embroidery known as tatreez.

With a desire to try and make my “personal dress code” more efficient and a desire to try and contribute to the troubles of the Middle East, I built Bayt Alya. Because Jordanian handcrafts like tatreez are not widely recognized outside of Jordan (or Palestine or Syria or the entire Levant region), I wanted to find a way to support the traditional craftswomen and refugee artisans by bringing awareness of their embroidery to Asia while simultaneously meeting the fashion needs of the conservative population in the region.

Bayt in Arabic means “home” and Alya means “elevated”. A true definition of my “personal dress code”. I wanted to find a way to feel personally comfortable and confident and at Bayt Alya we want to ensure you feel the same.

Right now, the designs you see online are from suppliers in Jordan as I am trying to understand the market in Asia. In 2018 I aim to launch the first line of my personal dress code, designed by yours truly (inshAllah)!

If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask! I love to hear from you so leave me some comments or if you’d like to collaborate and work on something together then send me a message.



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